At Inspired Nation, we believe in the power of youth and giving young people a platform to tell their stories and share their talents. Through our programs, Inspired Nation helps young artists develop their voices, empower themselves and help others in their generation.


Inspired Nation is committed to helping young artists use their talents for the benefit of those in need in their generation. All proceeds from our two talent competitions benefit local youth-oriented charities. Finalists also share their musical gifts with our beneficiary partners for programming throughout the year.

Congratulations to our winners!

Grand Prize Winner: GOVAN

2nd Place Runner Up: CONOR

3rd Place Runner Up: JAY ALAN

3rd Place Runner Up: ALEXANDER HENSLEY

A new virtual vocal performance challenge to find tomorrow’s stars and help youth affected by mental illness by benefiting NAMI (The National Alliance On Mental Illness).

Inspired by her time as a Judge on American Idol and her commitment to service, Kara DioGuardi wanted to find a way to provide a platform for young people to express themselves, follow their dreams, and give back to those in need in their generation.

“When you sit at a concert and watch thousands of people sing your words, you realize the power your songs have to help people communicate and understand what they are feeling but can’t say.  That’s very empowering to me and the audience.  An artist puts their life story into music for others to know they are not alone in their joy and pain. There is great social responsibility with influencing the masses in these ways and  I truly believe that successful artists have the power to incite social  change.”


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