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Inspired Nation is proud to share our involvement in TOUR Music Fest, showcasing our steadfast support for the past two years.

We have made a difference through scholarships awarded via Briidge, empowering talented individuals.

Meet the winners of our scholarships:

Arianna Serra

A talented performer who was awarded with

a TMF intensive course in Italy.


A rapper who attended Berklee’s summer course

and received the production of a song for his next project.

Roberta Scandurra

A singer-songwriter who attended Berklee’s summer course

and received the production for her upcoming release in May 2024.


At Inspired Nation, we believe in the power of youth and giving young people a platform to tell their stories and share their talents. Through our programs, Inspired Nation helps young artists develop their voices, empower themselves and help others in their generation.


Inspired Nation is committed to helping young artists use their talents for the benefit of those in need in their generation. All proceeds from our two talent competitions benefit local youth-oriented charities. Finalists also share their musical gifts with our beneficiary partners for programming throughout the year.

Inspired Nation’s National Sponsors